What’s this RELICS series all about?

Relics is a series of portraits of everyday objects that are past their prime.  Once relied upon, they have been forgotten or discarded.  I photographed each item singly in order to reveal it’s individual essence.  Cracks and scuffs of hard use.  Mended hinges.  Patches worn smooth by frequent polishing.  Looking at each piece through my camera lens, I came to appreciate how often function dictates form, and how frequently the form is right.

Many of these objects may have been used for years by one person, while others passed through many hands.  Several have been used in homes, offices, and a school gym.  One was taken on house calls by a country doctor.  All of them have stories.  Selecting and photographing them, I began to think about the events in my life to which objects have borne witness.  In a sense they are our partners in life.

Over the years, I have photographed neighbors, nomads in the Sahara Desert, classic cars, icebergs, and now, a table fan.  Each time, I have attempted to capture something of my subject’s essential spirit.  In this project I have tried to achieve that by selecting items that display a unique aura, and in many cases reveal the wear and tear acquired from frequent use.

For me, contemplating their past has raised more questions than answers.

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